Monday, August 5, 2013

out of surgery and on the way to recovery

Liz made it thru surgery.  Dr said she did great!  She is in recovery and they are having some issues with her pain level, but they think they figured it out.  She should get admitted to a room soon and I will be spending the night with her at least tonight if not more.

What a stressful day and am so happy it is over and my wife is going to feel better!! 

The Dr. said that she would not know if Liz had to do chemo or not for up to a month.  Basically, there was for sure uterine cancer and ovarian cancer.  If they were separate issues, then she will not need chemo.  If they were the same cancer spread, then she will need chemo.  It will take a bit for the tests to get back and then they will go from there.  The Dr. said it is not uncommon for someone this age to have 2 primaries, as in it would be 2 separate cases of cancer and as long as they are low grade, she will not need chemo. 

Either way, I am so happy she is out of surgery.  There seem to be 2 different opinions.  1 group thinks like me and is not as worried about the chemo and such and the other side is more worried about the chemo.  I figure, chemo doesn't kill you and surgery can, so I was much more nervous about the surgery.  Either way, a big scary part is over.

The Dr. felt around and said her diaphragm did not have any growths, her other ovary did not look like it had cancer and the lympth nodes seemed fine.  It seems to me that we are moving into the clear, but they will run some tests to confirm. 

Thank you for all the good thoughts and love and good energy and prayers sent our way! 


  1. Thank you for the update S. Been thinking of you guys today. Tell Liz to get well soon and that blog land is sending massive amounts of thoughts and prayers her way!

  2. Glad it went well. Hoping for a speedy recovery!