Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jude and the Terrible, Rotten, Very Bad, No Good Week

Our poor little baby has the flu!  We went almost a whole year with no illness bigger than an ear infection, when Tuesday night he woke up around 12am with a fever.  Within in minutes he was puking everywhere (mostly on S actually, he threw up on her 5 times that night) and sweating from fever and just so sick and sad.  Of course we called our Dr’s after hours line and got some info on what to do right then and got him feeling a little bit better and managed to get a few hours of sleep between the three of us.

On Wednesday morning I already had scheduled to get an epidural steroid shot for the disk in my back.  So S was stuck at home by herself (after very little sleep) with a sick baby while I was getting the procedure done.  And of course it ended up taking more than an hour longer than it was supposed to because of an equipment issue.  Oh and I was semi sedated for the procedure and supposed to take it easy the rest of the day so I was pretty much out of it and in bed all afternoon while S took Jude to the doctor and took care of him.  Doctor confirmed he has Type A flu, even though he totally got a flu shot.  S got one too, but I didn’t yet this year.  Not that it looks like it matters.  Either way, we are all three taking Tamiflu and crossing our fingers that we don’t get the flu also.

And to top off our crappy Wednesday, literally, S was giving Jude a bath  before bed when he pooped in the tub!  He hasn’t ever done that before, not sure if it was being sick or just the wrong timing, but either way he seemed kind of triumphant about it.  And again, poor S got the joy of cleaning up that mess also.  She really is our hero this week.

So if you have a second, any healthy vibes you want to send our way are appreciated!

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  1. Poor kid! Hope you all are feeling better soon!