Monday, August 13, 2012

I Hope

That Jude grows up to have my sense of humor.
That Jude will always know how very wanted and loved he is.
That Jude grows up to have his mother’s determination.
That Jude will someday have a little brother or sister.
That my family will continue to thrive and be happy.
That I will someday fully clean our bedroom.
That S will get a job that she loves, where she can grow and be appreciated.
That Jude will grow up with his mother’s sense of rhythm instead of mine.
That Jude will have an appreciation and love for art, cooking, and good books.
That my family will not face discrimination or hatred because of who we are and how we live.
That I will one day write a novel worth publishing.
That S will find a pair of good shoes with lots of support that arn’t too ugly.
That my dogs will stop peeing in random places every time you let them loose in the house.
That Jude continues to sleep through the night and take great naps.
That Jude grows up to be a good person, a kind person.
That I will live my life in such a way as to make him proud and inspired.
That S will continue to be the American Bad Butt that she currently is.
That my family will someday go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and that it will be as awesome as I think it will be.
That I start blogging more regularly!


  1. I like this post. I may have to steal the concept and make one for myself.