Monday, August 20, 2012

24/7 Jude

Sometimes it seems like I have nothing to talk about other than Jude.  I spend nearly all of my time with him and it’s been a long time since I’ve been away from him other than the wonderful days that S gets up with him and I sleep in.  And I wonder, am I boring people?  I post a million pictures on Facebook, I post things about what he is up to, I talk on the phone all about him, I never shut up.  I worry about this because I feel like my circle of friends is getting smaller and smaller.  The people I thought would be around all of the time I see once a blue moon (though on the bright side I see my BFF all of the time right now because school hasn’t started back up for him yet) or not really at all.  Is it because people are tired of hearing about Jude?  Are they tired of us now that we are parents?  Do they think we are too busy for them?  Are they waiting for me to call them first?  I just don’t know, but it does make me sad.

But lucky for me this is a blog all about Jude so I can talk about him as much as I’d like!  Not that there is anything new to say.  He is cute as ever.  We got our first professional photos done yesterday at Sears.  My mom really wanted us to go and do it so we did.  I think they turned out pretty cute, but we didn’t get any big smiles out of him, which was disappointing.  At least he was very well behaved through the whole long day as we ran around everywhere.  Hopefully he will be just as good later this week when we go to California.  We fly out on Friday morning and I’m really excited for Jude to see the ocean and spend some time with S’s parents.  I think it should be a good trip.  The only thing I worry about is that Jude is so LOUD these days, both when happy and unhappy and that might be really annoying for people on a plane.  Also, he doesn’t really like to sleep when being held anymore so naps might be an issue while we are traveling.  I’m going to go to Target today and get a new toy or two to hopefully keep him busy on the flights.

Looks like today is the first day of school for a few of my friends.  I love seeing the excited faces of the kids getting ready to go in for their first day.  I don’t know why, but there is something about back to school and the back to school shopping that just makes me really happy.  I can’t wait to go buy Jude a cute little backpack and lunch box and folders and stuff.  So much fun!  Good luck to anyone who has a kiddo going off to school today!  Especially to the first timers!

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