Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gay Parent Meet Up and An Easter Photo!

So last week S, Jude and I went to a local park for a gay parents meet up.  It was awesome and I’m so glad we went.  There were probably 10 other adults there and 15 kids, not including us.  The lady that ran the group said that it really varied month to month how many people were there.  But the people that we met were great.  There were 3 older lesbians and their kids and then the rest were gay dads.  I had no idea how much I love gay dads!  These guys were the best, so friendly and welcoming and all with such interesting stories about how their families were formed.  There was one couple that had a baby, a 4 month old little girl, so we spent most of the time talking with them.  I’m hoping we can become friends.  But the best part was when two little girls, probably 8-10 ish, came over by us and we listened in on their conversation.
“Do you have two dads like me?”
“No, I have a mom.”
“No Dad?”
“Nope, just a mom.  I’m adopted.”
“I’m adopted too!  Let’s go play!”
It was so cute and totally why we came to the meet up to begin with, so that Jude would grow up with other families like his and meet other kids like him.  I can’t wait till the next meet up.

Tomorrow, we are doing something crazy.  We are flying with our 9 week old.  Eeegads, I’m nervous for this.  We are packing tons of stuff and my Dad and his wife are getting quite a few things together for us.  I just hope/pray that he will eat and then pass out for most of the flights.  We have one flight that is about and hour, then an hour layover and then a 3 hour flight.  Ugh.  Anyone have any great advise on flying with a little guy?

And here is Jude’s adorable Easter photo.  S somehow managed to get him to smile!


  1. SO cute! And nice to hear about the get-together, too! I have no good advice on flying, but someone did say that if you squeeze their little toes during takeoff it helps with the ears. Good luck!

  2. Great photo!!!! Love that smile. The meet up sounds so wonderful and welcoming and you guys are lucky to have the chance to do it (there is nothing like that around these parts!). As for the flying: If he takes a pacifier, make sure you have it in his mouth during take off and landing because it really helps the change in pressure on the ears. Good luck!

  3. Hope the flight went well. We traveled at 6 months and other than a major blow out on the plane, it wasn't too bad. Nursing during take off and landing helped, although the flight attendants didn't want to allow it, we were sneaky.

    The Easter bunny photo is cute.

    Glad you enjoyed your meet-up. We've been wanting to do that too, but (still) have not got around to it.

  4. Thanks for sharing the gay parenting group story. I hope to find a group too. So great to know kids accept who they are and find that they are just like a lot of other kids too.

  5. What an awesome pic! Please let me know how your trip goes..we'll be going on vacation in May and need all the tips we can

  6. Finally blogger will let me comment! Jude is just precious! He is growing up so fast and I love all his sweet pictures!