Monday, April 2, 2012

2 month check up

We took Jude today to the 2 month check up.  This is the one where they give him vaccinations.  I was so very nervous about that part.  He is 12 lbs and 23 inches long.  He is right in the middle as far as the range of babies his age.  His head is in the 25% which means that he has a small head compared to everything else, but nothing major.

The nurse thought he was really smart.  To Jude’s credit, he was showing off.  She kept asking us stuff such as, “does he smile, can he hold his hands together, can he hold his head up” and each time she asked if he could do something, he would!  It was pretty funny.  She just loved how attentive and smiley he was and said he was a really smart baby.  I assume she was just being nice.  Everyone in that office is really nice.

We have been calling Jude a “genius baby” because of our swaddle situation.  He has figured out how to bust out of the regular swaddle.  We have 2 velcro ones and so we have been using those and he cannot get out of them.  However, last night, he peed all over both of them, leaving us with nothing to swaddle him with. Genius baby, right? ;)

He did cry thru the vaccinations and has basically spent the day asleep.  When he is awake he is either eating or doing a pathetic little squeaky cry.  I think his legs hurt where they stuck the needles.  He usually loves to stand on his legs, but since they did that, he won’t hold his weight.  Poor little guy!  Liz is picking up some Tylenol in case he continues to act like he is in pain.

On the my health front, I am finally feeling like myself.  I am usually full of energy and get an amazing amount of things accomplished in a day.  Between not having a working thyroid and then being pregnant and then my gallbladder going out, I have not been myself for a year and a half.  Well, I’m back!  I am getting tons of stuff done and caring for Jude. I am starting a 5k running program (the one another blogger, one of the Hope’s, did).  I convinced Jude’s Aunt Lulu and Uncle Duck to do it with me and we are going to do our first run tonight!  I don’t think we will be able to run together more than once a week, but it is always nice to have running buddies!  I am excited and it is the perfect time of year here in Austin, TX to get back in shape.  By the time it is in the 100s for months, I will be in shape enough that it won’t be a big deal.

We also have a court date for the adoption!!!  April 11th.  It is the day after we get back from Wisconsin, but I am excited to have it done!  I have had to ride my lawyer to get a date and have been badgering her for a week and a half, so I am glad it will be finalized before I go back to work.  Plus, it will be a nice little night at our favorite hotel in San Antonio before I head back to work.  Hope it all goes well!

We also went to a gay parent meet up yesterday and it was great!  I think Liz wants to blog about it, so I will leave that up to her.



  1. I did my first 5K a couple years ago. It is a great accomplishment to cross the finish line. Good luck.

  2. But before you pack that suitcase, you'll need your practitioner's permission.
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  3. I hope Jude grows up to be a handsome and healthy man someday.