Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Stuck in Babyland

Hello?  Anyone out there?  
It's been forever but we are still here, doing good.  Noah continues to be a wonderful baby who brings us so much joy.  He's easy, sleeps well, and is always in a good mood.  He also puts up wonderfully with the overly enthusiastic attention of his older brother.  Jude is an awesome big brother and these two couldn't love each other more!  

Jude is 5 now and Noah is 5 months, getting close to 6 months!  It's flown by, for sure.

Happy news, last week we completed my second parent adoption for Noah!

Us together beforehand.
Cutest. Baby. Ever.

With the judge.
Boys together.  I'll try to update again, but blogger and my iPad seem to hate each other these days.  Anyone else having that issue?


  1. Oh my goodness SUCH a beautiful family!! Your boys are the cutest things. Glad you're back and blogging!

  2. Congrats on the adoption! The boys are so cute. We have 2 boys too and I love seeing them together. Glad to see an update.

  3. The dimples on that baby!!!!! So freaking cute and what a great big brother Jude is. Congrats on the adoption ❤️

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