Saturday, August 27, 2016

32 Weeks!

This baby is going to be here so soon, oh my gosh. We took our hospital tour this morning and it's feeling more and more real that a baby is coming! I'm glad we went and got to see everything and figure out where it all is.  Pretty similar to where we had Jude but one important difference is food!  At Jude's hospital there was on cafeteria or food available for anyone who wasn't a patient and the only place that delivered was pizza and the closest food place was at least a 15-20 minute drive, which isn't a big deal but leaving your freshly cut int wife and new first born baby all alone for at least an hour at a time several times a day sucked.  This hospital has a cafeteria, a Starbucks, a bistro, and tons of food places all around it.  A dumb thing to be excited about but I am,  Other than that pretty typical place.  Cool thing about the tour was there was another lesbian couple there, which was unexpected.  We compared lawyers with them for second parent adoption and all clarified with the hospital that to have the non gestational parent on the birth certificate we will need to bring our marriage certificate with us, annoying but at least they'll do it.  
Jude got to feel Noah have the hiccups the other day and it was so sweet and cute.  I think Jude is going to be an awesome big brother, he loves babies so much and is so sweet about Noah already.  He will sometimes kiss S's belly or talk to it, though for a little while he thought he had to yell in her mouth to talk to the baby so it could hear him.  Hilarious.  

Noah is a mover and a shaker.  It's so cool pretty much every night getting to feel him kick and bop about. He is pretty responsive too, when he is being active if I push on her stomach he will push back at me.  So cute.  Can't wait to see my two boys together!!

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  1. It has blown by!!! I'm sure she doesn't feel that way though lol.

    Girl, I hear you on the food options. I remember after Little Monster's emergency c-section (not planned and in middle of the night) I was freaking starving and the only cafeteria was for patients and closed. I found a dollar somewhere and feasted on vending machine cheese crackers. A bistro and a Starbucks sounds divine!