Saturday, April 9, 2016

12 Weeks!

Waiting, waiting, waiting for our genetic testing to come back.  S got blood pulled a few weeks ago for the test and a week later got a call saying, "well first off you are having a..........LONG PAUSE.......oh.....the test didn't work."  What!?  Who does that to a pregnant woman!  Basically the test has come back inconclusive twice now, meaning they didn't have enough fetal DNA I'm the sample to do the test. So S got blood pulled again and we are now waiting for the results from the third try.  
 In the meantime they had us come in to check on the baby to make sure everything was ok because of the whole test thing.  The first time we came in all they did was the Doppler to check the heartbeat and while we were there they mentioned that since the genetic testing was being a pain that we could also do the regular first check testing where they do an ultrasound and take drops of your blood.  Sure, why not, so we went in and did that a day later.  Results are already back from that and everything is fine with our little one.  And it was fun getting a bonus ultrasound!  Here are some pics from it
First a whole baby shot.  Baby is still measuring 4 days ahead, yay!
Profile shot.
Little arms and hands!

  In other news S has been feeling a bit better.  She isn't throwing up all that much this last week and the nausea seems to come and go a bit instead of being constant.  She is tired still and starting to get a bump!  Though she has been joking that it is an organ bump because at the ultrasound they were looking at the baby a bit below where the bump is, thus the bump is where her organs are being pushed up.  Oh and she has started feeling the baby move!  Not all the time, just when she is sitting or laying in certain positions.  Really cool.  Here she is with her "organ bump"

Last bit of news, S won a trip to France for the two of us through work!  We are going in June and so very excited!!  Such perfect timing as she will be pregnant enough to be feeling pretty good but not too pregnant that she can't travel.  Yay!

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  1. Awwww profile shot!!!!! Congrats on France! That will be a spectacular babymoon!!!