Sunday, July 19, 2015

IUIs Suck

We had IUI #1 this morning and while it was nice to get it done on the weekend when S isn't worried about work, it was not great.  Our doctor is a big believer in having a very full bladder during an IUI so that the pressure pushes your uterus flatter and apparently this makes everything easier/better.  That may be true, but it does not make thigs better if it is your bladder.  When we got there S was already feeling hydrated but not full and so we do an ultrasound and her bladder is not full.  Cut to 45 minutes later and 4 of those tiny bottles of water later and she is uncomfortable.  Add a pinching painful speculum, an ultrasound thing being pressed down super hard on the full bladder, a catheter going through the  cervix, and lots of jostling.  So needless to say it was a painful and unpleasant experience for S.  And I hate that.  I wish it had been more peaceful and relaxing.  I'm hoping tomorrow we can do wayyyyyy less water and make the whole thing easier to deal with.  Think sticky baby thoughts for us!!!!!

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