Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Another Cycle Bites the Dust

This month has been busy and on top of my birthday, Mother's Day, visitors, and all the rest of life, we have been TTC.  This month S did the same Femara and injectables combo.  When we went in for the day 3 ultrasound one follicle was already bigger than the others so they cut the Femara down but kept everything else the same as there were two or three small follicles working on either side.  But when we went in for the ultrasound yesterday it showed one big mature follicle on one side and like two tiny unmatture ones on the other side.  So, cycle cancelled.  Again. Boo.

Our doctor is giving us another free "re-do" month next month.  We were tempted to go ahead and do the IUIs this month, especially as S's mom offered to pay for it, but ultimately we trust that the doctor knows what he is doing.  We'd rather spend the money she offered if we get to a point where we can't afford to go forward rather than taking a gamble on one follicle just because we are tied of this.  

So next month once S starts her period they are going to do two weeks of birth control pills and then do the fertility treatment.  I think that they are hoping to suppress the whole one big follicle thing and hopefully get things jump started after that.  Next month if we end up again with just one follicle we will go ahead and do the IUIs and then see where to go from there.  It's frustrating for S to have to take all of these drugs with the up and downs that go with them only to not even try to get pregnant, but I think it makes sense to take advantage of the "freebie" and skip trying.  Normally he only gives one free do over month, so he is being generous giving us two.

So ready for this part of having a baby to be over!


  1. Oh booooooh!!!!! Why did the doc cancel it again? I mean, you can get pregnant with one follicle. But maybe I am missing some important info. ;-)

    Fingers are crossed!

  2. They are canceling.because he would like for there to be two or more mature follicles. Only because super ovulation is the point of the drugs is he canceling. So we can try a different set of drugs next month for free to see if we can get more than one follicle to mature.