Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I love love love Christmas.  I love the sparkling lights, the holiday treats, the cheesey movies, spending time with family, everything.  And having a kid makes it 100% more fun, more magical.  This Christmas is the first one where Jude really understands what's going on and is so very excited for Santa to come tomorrow.  We went and saw Santa earlier this month and Jude was super pumped to meet him, tell him in detail about all of the toys he wants and to give him a big hug.  So here is my holiday cutie with Santa and I hope all of your days are merry and bright!
Love, Liz 

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  1. Oh that is the cutest Santa pic!!! He is so handsome...and getting TALL!

    Glad to see that you saw the post about the blog craft exchange, but wanted to reiterate that we LOVE our gift. It is perfect and getting lots of use :)