Friday, June 6, 2014

Mr. Cute Stuff

Jude is being so cute these days and talking up a storm!  Remember how I was taking him into a speech therapist to get evaluated?  Well he came back within the normal range so no speech therapy for him and ever since he has been talking non stop!  A short list, mostly for my own memory of what he has been doing to amuse us:
-he loves cars, but for some odd reason he calls them "guys"
-if you are holding him and he wants your ful attention he will use his hand to turn your face so you are looking at him while he goes "mom, mom"
-he is crazy crazy crazy for our new roommate Thatcher, whose name he can say just fine but for some reason about half the time he calls him "owa"
- he likes to play a game we call snakes and monsters, where he makes snake or monster sounds and points to the invisible snake or monster in the room and we run away to escape
- he is obsessed with bugs and really hates them.  If he sees one anywhere it must be picked up and thrown away right then
- he is crazy for fruit snacks to the point where I don't buy them anymore because it's all he wants to eat.  He calls them "nacks"
- for my birthday my mom brought me a copy of a book I loved as a little girl called Annie and the Mud Monster.  It's super cute and Jude always wants us to read it when we do books before bedtime, but about half way through he gets scared (it's totally not scary) and has us stop.  It's cute.
 And a cute picture of my babies to finish the post with


  1. I love the little speech flubs they make when first figuring it all out. So cute!!!! Smart to record as, sadly, they can get forgotten in the chaos of LIFE with a little one!

  2. This is a fun age. I feel you on the fruit snacks!! We don't buy them anymore either because our son obsesses over them. These boys! lol