Monday, April 7, 2014

Biting and Scooting

On Jude's second day of "school" aka Mother's Day out, I picked him up and hand to sign a discipline form about him biting another kid at the program.  Apparently the kids were going somewhere in their giant 8 kid stroller and the kid next to him wouldn't stop touching his arm and so he bit him.  I hate this.  I felt so bad that he did that and bad that he was being hurased by another kid and just bad.  I teared up talking to his teacher about it, I just want him to be good and fit in.  She didn't make too big of a deal out of it and he isn't going to get kicked out or anything.  She thinks and I think that being there is really good for him, so he will continue on.

In other news, we got Jude a scooter the other day.  He is a big fan and just looks so grown up scooting down the street.  It was getting dark when he went out for the first time, so please excuse the grainy pictures.
Also, I have been having a hard time commenting on everyone's blogs recently, so please don't think I'm not reading because I am!


  1. Don't worry too much. All kids act up from time to time and it sounds like he was defending himself. It's hard when they're small, don't have the words to express themselves or feel like they don't have control of the situation. My sons have bit each other multiple times. My kids have been bitten by other kids at daycare or had things thrown at their heads. It happens and it's a part of kids learning how to negotiate with each other and interact with others. Don't take it to heart. Also, even as annoying as that other kid might be, Jude will learn from the experience.

  2. Don't worry too much. Many kids go through that. Both my kids were bitten at daycare and both had trouble with hitting now and then. It will pass. They're just little and learning how to manage their emotions. Anger is a hard one for them to express and control.

  3. The Bean went through a short hitting phase at daycare too. I think it's a part of the adjustment sometimes. I'm sure Jude's biting will be short-lived.
    Also, we have the same scooter. It's great!

  4. We have a biter and a scooter too! The scooting is cute, the biting not so much. Our son was known as the biter in class in for a few months and it was horrible! How is Jude's language? Our son is in speech therapy and they told us that him biting is his way of staying stop. He is speaking more these days and he no longer bites. Good luck!