Thursday, February 6, 2014

2 Year Stats

Well it looks like my little Jude really is a bit little, or petite as my doctor said.  He clocks in at 25.3 lbs (29%) and 34.2 in (39%) and with the always tiny head at 46.5 cm (10%).  Over all he is doing really well and is where he should be, with the exception of his verbal/social skills.  On those he lags a bit behind.  I was really worried about this and fully expected her to want him in speach therapy, but at this point she thinks he is just a little behind and wants to give him 2-3 more months before moving onto speach therapy.  I am so relived!  She also though that the social issues he is having are more to do with delayed speach and bein strong willed then anything else.  So hopefully we will get him into some sort of part time program where he can spend more time with other kids his age which should take care of both problems.

 Our pediatrician also recommended a few books to me now that the terrible twos are upon us, one of which I picked up last night called 1 2 3 Magic.  Anyone have any experience with this book?  So far it sounds like it could be helpful but I haven't done much more than skim through it at this point.  Anyone else having tantrums yet?  Or are we the only lucky ones?

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  1. He's still bigger than The Bean was, but that's not saying much. ;) Our ped. has always stressed that it's more important that he follows a curve, no matter where it is on the chart.

    I've heard of 123 Magic. I think it works if you and everyone caring for the child all implement it the same way, but I also think it's a bit of a PITA and doesn't allow for as much discussion as I would necessarily like. Maybe I'm just not consistent enough for it to be a good fit for me. I think tantrums are par for the course at this age. I find it's best to try to calm the little one down --whether they need a hug or to be left untouched and to affirm how you imagine they are feeling and when they are a little calmer try to discuss what the issue was with them. You'll figure out what works for you guys. Researching different strategies can only help.