Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall is finally here in Texas

Its a nice cold day here in Austin and Jude and I are playing in the backyard.  I love fall, the cold days, the warm snugly blankets, seeing our darling boy grow up.  We have been bad bloggers but time is always in short supply so a few updates:
-Italy was amazing!  I ate way too much pasta and pizza, drank a ton of amazing beer, saw a few beautiful sights and generally had a wonderful time with my brother.
This is my favorite thing that we saw, Trevi fountain.  It is also were I put my friend Melanie's ashes.  It's a tradition to toss a coin in and make a wish to come back to Rome.  Now I like to imagine Melanie is granting those wishes.
-We gave up on the toddler bed.  Jude was doing pretty good at nap time with it, but at bedtime he would get out of bed and lay on his floor kicking his bedroom door while screaming.  And he would do it for over an hour some nights no matter what we did.  So now he is sleeping in a pack and play, which with the mesh sides he can't climb out of it.  And bedtime has gone much smoother ever since.
-Jude continues to be a joy to be around at least 90% of the time.  He is talking more and more and his new favorite thing is to read books.  He has always liked books but now he will bring me book after book after book to read.  He especially likes books where there are busy pictures with things for me to ask him to point out for me.  
-We joined our local YMCA,which has been awesome!  It's a little more than we probably should be spending on an "extra" like that, but it is the best.  They have an awesome kid care room with super sweet staff and tons of toys.  They will watch Jude for an hour and a half up to twice a day!  So far we have been going 3-4 times a week.  So momma gets a good workout, a break from the little guy, and he gets something fun and new to do and kids to play with.  He seems to like it, he only had one day where he cried when I left the room.  I highly recommend to all stay at home moms to find a way to do something like this, it is worth every penny!
-It seems like everyone is moving onto their second baby but us these days.  We are in no way finically ready to have another baby, but man I'm feeling the urge!
-Jude was a ninja turtle for Halloween.  We picked up some ninja turtle footie pajamas and just used those as he only went half way around the block trick or treating.  And surprise, surprise, Jude loves candy! Kitkats to be exact.  
And here is a picture of our sweet boy playing outside this morning.

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