Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Best. Day. Ever.

My results came back yesterday and everything was stage 1 so I don't need chemo or radiation or anything!!!!! I'm so happy and excited.  I was really worried, even knowing that they had already gotten all of the cancer out, six sessions of chemo is no joke.  Happy dance!  And when S came home we celebrated by going out for sushi at our favorite place.

Another great thing about no chemo is that I get to go to Italy next month!  My brother is going for a beer festival in Rome for his brewery and he is taking me with him!  And we are stretching it out into a vacation and will be going to Milan as well.  So anyone been to Itlay recently?  I went to Europe after high school and was briefly in Italy but of course that was over a decade ago, so I'm sure some things have changed.  Any tips or advice would be appreciated!


  1. Great news! Congrats--Italy sounds like the perfect way to celebrate a good diagnosis!!

  2. So, so happy and relieved for you!

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  4. I am so thrilled to read this news. Now back to being an awesome mom and putting all your energy into your family!