Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It’s Nap Time...

And all is quiet in the house.  I’ve taken a shower, checked Facebook and my blogs, am sipping on a cup of iced coffee, and just in general enjoying the peace.  I love nap time, though it never seems to last long enough.

Not much going on here.  We have successfully transitioned Jude off of formula.  He now drinks only organic whole milk.  The sippy cup thing though is a work in progress.  He likes to drink water out of them and play with them, but he is still drinking his milk out of bottles.  And I’m ok with that.  I want him to be off bottles by time we have our 15 month check up and that seems like a reasonable time frame.  I hate that in parenting it seems like every time you get used to something or I guess the baby gets used to something, it’s time to give it up.  From swaddling, pacifiers, being rocked to sleep, to bottles, formula and so on.  Can’t we do what works for as long as it works?

The other thing we are working on is getting Jude to eat anything other than fruit.  He is a fruit only kind of guy and pretty much no matter what I try or how I try it, if it isn’t fruit, preferably grapes right now, then it goes on the floor or worse, ends up with Jude screaming and pushing everything away from him.  It is a battle and I worry now that he isn’t drinking formula that he isn’t getting the nutrition that he needs, not to mention what so much fruit does to his digestion.  We have had some crazy poos to say the least.

We have also had some pretty crazy separation anxiety come up at bedtime.  About 3 out 5 nights he is totally hysterstcial and screams and cries and goes crazy for up to an hour most nights, despite what ever we do and despite how tired he is.  This is the house of screams, as Jude also screams though 90% of diaper changes, when he doesn’t get his way, for no reason sometimes, etc.  Lucky for him I have developed (for the most part) an ok tolerance to his screams, though I can’t say the same thing about our poor roommate.  Hopefully he is just going through a rather scream-y phase and this will all someday stop.

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