Wednesday, January 27, 2016

3 ICIs And A Partridge in a Pear Tree

So Monday morning S got her positive OPK and our three vials of sperm showed up that afternoon.  So we did 1 ICI before bed Monday night, one Tueaday morning and one Tueaday night.  It went so much better this time, we had a syringe with a cathither on the end so we could really get every drop, I got a hilarious head lamp light to wear and we practiced with the speculum a few times before hand.  I'm still nervous that I did something wrong though, that I didn't defrost it correctly or that it wasn't really the cervix that I found, I don't know, just nerves I guess.  Now we enter the two week wait and as they say only time will tell.  I have my fingers crossed and I'm hoping for the best.  We are so busy these next two weeks that I think it will fly by, so that's good.  To start it off I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow, fun fun.  Then we have a crazy busy weekend, Jude's birthday and that next weekend Jude's birthday party.  Whew!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Known Donor and $1300 Worth of Sperm

Well it's been a while since we blogged and I feel like a lot has happened.  First off, obviously we didn't get a positive pregnancy with our first at home attempt.  Or we would have told you all by now of course.  Secondly, we are moving forward with a known donor!  And third, we have $1300 worth of sperm arriving Monday.

So with the known donor, we knew if we wanted to keep TTC we needed to find one, but no one fit the bill.  Either they lived too far away, we were too close of friends, or some other reason like medical conditions so we kept coming up with nothing.  I even checked the known donor registry but ultimately was too nervous about doing that. But one day over Chrstimas a friends name came to me and it was like, oh my gosh, why didn't we ever think of ________ being a donor??  And I ran his name by S and she was like yeah maybe he would work.  So I messaged him and ran the basics by him and set up a dinner to discuss when he said he'd like to talk about it.  

We had the first dinner about three weeks ago and it went great.  We talked and talked about everything, the process, the testing we'd want him to get done, the paperwork, all of it and we are all on the same page.  We decided to let him think about all we had discussed and get his STD test and then talk further.  So we just finished our second dinner and its official, he said yes and we are moving forward!!!  

Now, on the sperm we ordered, we knew we'd need to order it and get it here earlier than last time and our donor was possibly not going to have the test results in time so we were like let's not rush anything and decided for this month to do ICI at home with frozen.  And we ordered three vials so we can do one insem the evening she gets the positive, one the next morning, and one later that evening to cover all of our bases.  Fingers crossed!

And I'm so glad things worked out with our donor because we decided this week that this was it, at this point we have spent all of the money we can spend and this insem is it as far as frozen is concerned.  Glad to be able to try more even if this month isn't our month.